Мобильный клиент

All our systems are designed to run on iOS and Android tablet navigators, and feature mobile-friendly interfaces. Furthermore, we are experienced in creating mobile phone compliant dashboards, mainly for project managers who require high mobility and need to be connected to their work from their mobile phones.

We also have an agreement with forAPP for integrating their advanced reporting app into our systems, which enables companies to take advantage of advanced information input for field reporting, including automatic geo-location of data, images and multimedia files. This application is also available through the AppStore and Google Play.

FORapp integration allows using the FORapp application – that may be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play, among others – for field personnel reporting and data exchange.

Our systems are compatible with iPad and Android tablets, but for mobile phone access we strongly suggest integrating certain functionalities using FORapp.

FORapp integration binds FORapp application to the system through its API. This integration involves selecting what information requires integration, plus the access level and differentiation for the different users.

You can select what kind of information may be sent from the mobile device to the system. This ranges from simple media files (on- site video, images) to complex forms for report generation.

We will together analyze your needs and find the most appropriate solution for your case.

API integration is treated as a standard integration for the system. There is an associated cost to using the FORapp application, and pricing policies may be checked on their web site:


They include a monthly fee per user, a perpetual license or a fee per uploaded report / media file.

Enhance transparency and control from different contractors by enabling them on the sites with powerful reporting tools:

  • Immediate notification on changes in the execution schedule and on completion of works
  • Real-time reporting complements information from on-site camera feeds
  • Incidences and unexpected events are notified as they happen
  • Reduction in the costs for the project controllers on the verification of on-site data FORapp includes the following tools to ease the work:
  • Report templates, that can be configured without a programmer
  • Detailed task information for the execution of works, including association of reports and execution control forms
  • Daily reporting for each worker on the site, including coordination and control on the quality of the executed work
  • Incidence registry and notification of emergencies on the work site

The system includes GPS labeling for GIS systems, photographic integration in all reports, remote quality control and validation.

All generated reports may be exported into an Excel-friendly format.

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