BIM technologies have become a world-class standard for collaboration in construction management. By adding BIM support to our systems we are able to supply our customers with one of the most powerful visual tools available in construction management.

Through our optional enterprise visualization integration with Oracle Autovue Professional 2D/3D we are able to offer native IFC format support, as well as web visualization of a large array of exchange formats like DWG and DXF. Thanks to this, users can access complex files with no need of any specialized software installed in their computers.

We also can integrate Autodesk Navis and Autodesk Vault if desired, and are proficient with the management of IFC models for collaboration and web visualization in our systems.

IRM Enterprise Visualization is an optional component of the IRM TDRM platform that integrates with Oracle Autovue for visualization of technical archives using either a Java applet or a desktop program.

Oracle Autovue is a separate product with its own license, and our integration supports both 2D and 3D professional versions. As an alternative we can integrate Navisworks + Autodesk vault on demand.

Oracle Autovue integration includes:

Installation of Oracle Autovue server: we install and configure Oracle Autovue server to work with system files

Inclusion of the Oracle Autovue integration module: we add our Oracle Autovue integration web application for communicating the applet or desktop application and the system

System configuration: any file can be opened with Oracle Autovue, including IFC (BIM), Autodesk formats and MS Office formats
– refer to the compatibility list.

Markup integration: markups created within Oracle Autovue can be accessed from the system, and files can be opened with specific markups for fast navigation

Comparison integration: on demand, it is possible to integrate version comparison and file comparison into Autovue

Collaboration integration: on demand, it is possible to store collaboration logs

Oracle Autovue comes with its own licenses for its 2D and 3D versions. Both versions can be present in the system, with specific licenses for different users depending on their needs.

The rest of the integration is treated as a regular system configuration.

Usage of specialized Enterprise Visualization software allows different users to access technical file formats without specific software. If the applet integration is used – available only in IE browsers – there is no additional software required. Else, users should install the appropriate desktop version of Oracle Autovue.

Markup integration allows forwarding comments on files through the system, organizing them in lists and integrating them in tasks and errands.

Markups allow localized comments on the files, easing the flow of information between designers and reviewers. Markup collaboration mode allows joint creation of markups between different users in remote sessions.

Comparison mode allows quick navigation between changes on different versions of the same file, easing the task of the reviewer when large files with small changes are posted in the system.

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